About CanaDares

The CanaDares Society is a Canadian-registered charity, the fundraising partner of the Vijaliwa Vingi Society in Tanzania, whose mandate is to fully support and care for children who have been removed from dangerous living situations. All of our board members are volunteers.

Your tax-deductible donations provide nutrition, shelter, education, medical care & recreation for a growing number of children in our residential program. Additionally, we sponsor outreach work for families living with the most vulnerable children in the surrounding villages.

Lynda Kearns, from the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia, has volunteered in Tanzania since 2002 to make this home a reality. A director of CanaDares, she also sits on the board of Vijaliwa Vingi Society, the Tanzanian non-profit NGO with whom CanaDares works in Joint Venture.

Sadly, in Tanzania vulnerable children are very much the norm: 15% die before reaching the age of five, nearly half don’t attend primary school, and more than 40% of the children under five suffer from stunted growth from malnutrition caused by chronic food shortages and low crop yields. Founded by Lynda, our program was originally designed to house and assist children living on the streets in Dar es Salaam. We now provide care, shelter and education for several orphaned children at our home (also referred to as “Vijaliwa Vingi”) in the village of Msongola, and there we have created a center of support and capacity-building for the surrounding villages.

Our project began modestly. In November 2004, work was completed on the first residence. The house contains five bedrooms, two toilets, a small galley kitchen and a large dining room. The major living space is the covered veranda, which wraps two side walls. In 2006 we extended our focus to bring Outreach to the surrounding villages. By the spring of 2009 we had completed a second residence so that we could provide separate living quarters for the boys and girls.

The Multi-use BuildingWe are currently completing a multi-purpose project and community-use building on our 20-acre site. This building will provide a much needed meeting place for the surrounding village, as well as serve as a facility for our outreach program training, medical dispensary and as a volunteer and care-giver residence.