Lynda Kearns is CanaDares’ Project Director and is a founder and serves on the board of both CanaDares and Vijaliwa Vingi Societies. Lynda currently spends about six months of the year at the project in Tanzania; the other six months are spent recovering from the African heat in the Canadian winter. There she spends her time fundraising and raising awareness for the work being done at Vijailiwa Vingi.

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Lynda's Blog

Project Director Lynda Kearns keeps us up-to-date with all that's happening "on the ground" in Tanzania. In conjunction with the launch of our new site, Lynda started this blog after returning to the project in the early summer of 2009.


Fire Season Once Again


Nane Nane: Celebrating Agriculture!

August 8th is a national holiday here: NaneNane, celebrating farmers and Agriculture. There are numerous what we used to call 'country fairs',  but the biggest exhibit is in Morogoro at a fairgrounds developed for the purpose. In size (8 square kilometres, with each exhibitor growing its own gardens, and many with concrete halls) and attendance (millions over ten days), it is similar to the Pacific and Canadian National Exhibitions. (Playland excluded! though there was one big mechanical ride, and two overworked camels.)

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Our Kiwi Visitors, Zane and Charli

What excitement! Zane and Charli Bartlett stayed with us for 8 weeks this year. Young and full of fun

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How Many Children…?

As a result of the NXNW CBC radio interview, I had the I opportunity to be a guest speaker recently, at a dinner club in Vancouver.  It was an amazing experience, with lots of encouragement and interesting questions during Q&A after our presentation.

I was asked one questions which I share with you here...

"How many children have we had in our residential program over the years?"

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Wish List, Fall 2015

I'm often asked what — apart from food and school fees and care costs — a donation might go to, or what we need at the project, so a quick wish list off the top of my head:

Practical stuff

  • desk and chair set $65
  • replacement bunk bed mattress $55
  • water supply for a week (from the brochure) $50
  • additional water filter $50
  • new school uniform $25


Fun stuff

  • 1 set of goal posts $75
  • (we need 2 sets|)
  • swings with chain holders $30 each
  • (to be suspended from goal posts when not in use)
  • hoops for netball $25


…and priceless

  • donated soccer shoes which I can bring in January!
    (Think boys size 5 and up as I have smaller ones...)