Lynda Kearns is CanaDares’ Project Director and is a founder and serves on the board of both CanaDares and Vijaliwa Vingi Societies. Lynda currently spends about six months of the year at the project in Tanzania; the other six months are spent recovering from the African heat in the Canadian winter. There she spends her time fundraising and raising awareness for the work being done at Vijailiwa Vingi.

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Fire Season Once Again

Ah yes, the smoke in the air tells me it's fire season once again. Unfortunately,  our neighbours feel that slash burning their fields in preparation for planting when the rains come is a good thing. We have made a policy not to burn as a method of preparing fields for planting, because it adds to carbon emissions, and deprives the soil of needed nutrients. Instead we hoe the area to be planted, and apply compost.

Having learned about organic gardening at Nane Nane, we hope to cook up some super (smelly) stuff this time!

The wildlife takes cover in our bush. The wind picks up, and we run to beat the flames with branches of green trees. The ash rains down.

Deep sigh.

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