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We have a van! 

Oh the Excitement of it all!
We have waited many years for the luxury of a vehicle for the project, and the children are thrilled to pieces that yes, now we actually have one!!! Thanks to a very generous donation from a charitable foundation run by the Uegama family, our life has been made immeasurably easier with the use of a vehicle of our own.

What a Beauty!
The kids are very happy to “banana” (sit bunched together and piled two-up, and yes, that is a Swahili word!) It's reminiscent of the old joke about how many freshman can you fit into a VW... Happily squished in for the 4km trip down our sandy road into town to attend church on Sunday, the giggling erupts when the pothole is too large to avoid. Up until this week, they would walk: going at 8am wasn't a problem, but returning on foot in the mid-day sun is an exercise bordering on dangerous.

Room for All…
One of the biggest benefits is to be able to transport children, if needed, to the local hospital. The motorcycle was a help, but if the child is too sick to hold on, a taxi was ordered, and the wait for it to arrive was sometimes close to an hour later. Now, no problem.
Having the vehicle also means that we don't have to worry that the sawdust at the mill will be drenched with rain on the day that we have rented a pick up to collect it and the staple food. For the cost of gas and the labour of Christopher to shovel the sawdust into our sacks, we fuel our cook stoves now with ease and convenience.  
Our heartfelt thanks to the Uegamas: Asante sana, Carol-Anne, Walter, Kimiko and Brendan! Mungu awabariki, God Bless You All.

…and Supplies too!

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